Anchuthengu An adopted village , formerly known as Anjengo or Anjenga, is a coastal town in the Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala. The town contains old Portuguese-style churches, a lighthouse, a 100-year-old convent and school, tombs of Dutch and British sailors and soldiers, and the remains . Village adoption The SAGY is a village adoption programme for Members of Parliament announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The scheme encourages MPs to identify and develop one village from their constituency as a model village. A function was held at Anchuthengu to launch the programme. Member of Parliament (Attingal) A. Sampath, V. Sashi MLA, District panchayat member Sashankan and Anchuthengu grama panchayat president Pias were present at the launch function. A free medical camp was also held on the occasion